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[[As Nick, aka "Tux in a Mask", pulls out a pair of pompoms and begins cheering in the background, Ki turns back to the other girls.]]
Ki: [Gravely] I alone have the power to face Trudy herself! The three of you must defeat the monsters and rescue them!
Patty: [Irritated] How the heck do we do THAT?

[[Ki grabs Sharon by the shoulders and starts steering her toward the edge of the roof.]]
Ki: Through the power of cyberspace... and LOVE! That alone can break the spell! Sharon, hurry! You must free Fooker!
Sharon: [Uncertain] Um, OK...

[[Ki turns back to Patty and Trish, both of whom seem just as confused as Sharon.]]
Ki: Only Dexter's one true love can tame the beast he's become!
Trish: B-but w-which o-one of us...?
Ki: [Impatiently] We don't have time for this! You KNOW who!

[[Our view focuses in on Trish and Patty, who give each other an uncertain look.]]
Trish: Um... a-actually... w-we D-DON'T...
Patty: Well, THIS isn't awkward at all...

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