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[[As Sharon, Patty, and Trish still try to digest all that's going on around them, this universe's version of Ki is growing impatient. She turns her back to them and begins heading toward the edge of the roof.]]
Ki: Stop dawdling! those monsters will tear the city apart until we stop them!

Sharon: But how do we...?
[[Before Sharon can finish her sentence, Ki leaps into the air. A faint glow surrounds her as begins to fly off into the sky.]]

[[The "away team" exchanges uncertain glances.]]
Patty: So... we have super powers. How the heck do we use them?
Sharon: It'll come to you. It might take some experimentation at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

[[Patty and Trish seem surprised at Sharon's casual, matter-of-fact answer.]]
Trish: Y-you h-have experience w-with s-super powers?
Sharon: [Drolly] Actually, yeah. Nick's comic books, the MUTEX... you get the idea...

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