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[[After learning that their counterparts in this universe appear to be anime-style "magical girls" with super powers, Sharon, Patty, and Trish attempt to put those powers to use. Instinctively, they begin hovering in midair.]]
Trish: [Excitedly] L-look! W-we c-can F-FLY!
Sharon: [With an evil smile] Now Let's see if we can FIGHT!

[[The girls begin flying through the air toward the two rampaging monsters that were once Fooker and Dexter.]]
Patty: [Annoyed] Actually, I wouldn't mind slugging Dex right about now...
Sharon: Focus, Patty. We'll help Ki save the city, then we're out of here. Don't get hung up on--

[[Sharon does not get to finish her sentence. "Fookjira" reaches over a nearby building, swatting her from the sky like she is an annoying fly. Patty and Trish watch helplessly as Sharon crashes into a nearby building, leaving a giant hole in its side.]]

[[Patty and Trish approach Sharon's landing site, where her legs dangle limply over the edge of the hole.]]
Patty: [Surprised] Somehow, I don't think we need to worry about Dex and Fooker's feelings right now...

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