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[[As Sharon continues to battle "Fookjira" in the background, Patty and Trish continue their conversation. Patty has just admitted that Trish "won" Dexter and that she should be his "one true love", but Trish seems ready to cast some doubt on that...]]
Trish: Y-yeah, D-Dex was m-mad at y-you, b-but I-I was only t-trying to ch-cheer him up. Th-that f-first k-kiss was k-kind of an a-accident.
[[Patty seems skeptical.]]

Trish: [Apologetically] I-I th-think I m-might j-just be a r-rebound for him. I-I m-mean, I-I'd LOVE f-for th-this to l-last, b-but I-I th-think D-Dex's heart m-might n-not be in it.
[[Patty seems surprised by Trish's confession.]]

Patty: [Uncertain] You mean... if I apologize... if I get my act together and curb my temper, you think I might still have a chance...?
Trish: [Smiling and placing a hand on Patty's shoulder] M-more th-than a ch-chance! He M-MISSES you!

[[Trish's expression quickly turns sly and mischievous.]]
Trish: M-mind y-you, I d-don't W-WANT to g-give him up. Y-you m-might have to f-fight for him...
[[Patty takes a sly, determined look of her own.]]
Patty: You WANT to be romantic rivals? Girl, I thought you KNEW I fight dirty...

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