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[[Patty turns to the side and observes Ki in a pitched battle against Trudy in the sky. Trudy hovers about on some sort of flying disc, while Ki flies under her own power after her.]]
Patty: It looks like Ki has a handle on Trudy...

[[Meanwhile, Trish looks over her shoulder to see Sharon delivering another crushing blow to "Fookjira".]]
Trish: A-and Sh-Sharon has F-Fooker under c-control...

[[Patty and Trish turn back to each other. Trish shrugs.]]
Trish: B-but w-which of us sh-should go after D-Dex? If only h-his "o-one t-true l-love"...
Patty: We don't have time to sort that out now...

[[Patty dives forward, her fist out in front of her in a very superhero style pose.]]
Patty: [With a determine smile] We'll take him down together!
Trish: [Taking on the same smile while rushing forward to join Patty] R-right!

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