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[[Together, Patty and Trish rush toward the massive, monstrous form of "Dexsura", pounding the creature in its gelatinous stomach with a deafening BOOM!]]

[[Whether the powerful attack wounds the creature or the "power of love" works its magic is uncertain. However, whatever the root cause, "Dexsura" collapses and suddenly begins to shrink down to a normal human size.]]

[[Ultimately, Dexter returns to human form and lies prone on a pile of rubble. Patty and Trish swoop down out of the sky and land nearby, satisfied with their victory.]]
Trish: W-we g-got 'im!
Patty: He's shrunk back down to normal size!

[[As realization sets in, Trish quickly averts her eyes and covers them with her hand.]]
Trish: A-and h-he's N-NAKED...
Patty: [Cringing, but not looking away] Did I say "normal size"? OK, we're officially even with respect to the "Bog of Bloodbath" bikini incident...

References: "The 'Bog of Bloodbath' bikini incident": (1) (2) (3)
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