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[[Sharon stands over the prone, unconscious form of Fooker, whom she has undoubted defeated and thus returned back to human form. Just then, Patty's voice crackles over her ear piece.]]
Patty: Dex is back to normal...ish...
Sharon: So is Fooker. What about Ki and Trudy?

[[Patty and Trish land back on the rooftop they originated from. Ki assumes a defensive stance, staring into the background, where Trudy flees atop her flying disc.]]
Patty: It looks like Ki has everything under control. Trudy's running for the hills.

[[Suddenly, Nick as "Tux in a Mask", who has been silently cheering Ki in the background, strikes a dramatic pose, drawing their girls' attention.]]
Nick: My job here is done! Farewell, Ultra Cyber Power Warriors!
[[With that, he leaps over the side of the building and disappears.]]

[[Patty and Trish seem befuddled.]]
Trish: He... h-he d-did't d-do anything...
Ki: [Swooning] Sigh... I know...
[[Patty eyes Ki skeptically.]]

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