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[[As Ki continues to pine after "Tux in a Mask", looking longingly at the edge of the roof where he just disappeared, Patty flashes Trish a skeptical look. She raises her finger to her ear, signaling that she's talking into the ear piece to the other members of the "away team".]]
Patty: [Whispering] It might be in our best interests to get out of here before we have to deal with the aftermath...

[[Our view switches back to Sharon, who kneels next to the prone form of the unconscious Fooker. Behind her, Chris runs toward them, drawing Sharon's attention.]]
Chris: We can't leave now! There are a ton of people hurt or trapped under the rubble! We need to help with the clean-up and rescue efforts!

[[Back on the rooftop, Patty and Trish are surprised as Ki begins to shimmer with light and an updraft sweeps her hair upward. Instantly, Ki is transformed back into her original clothes.]]
Ki: Our work here is done, girls. I guess it's time to get back to work...

[[As Ki calmly and nonchalantly walks back to the stairwell, Patty and Trish exchange glances.]]
Patty: Since when have you ever seen a superhero stick around to help clean up their own mess...?
[[Trish shrugs.]]

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