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[[The "away team" returns to their home universe. As the ladies remove their MUTEX helmets, Chris seems disappointed.]]
Chris: I STILL think we should have stayed to help out...
Sharon: Our counterparts from that universe should be able to handle things from there.

Sharon: Besides, we got a little more involved in events than we should have. Don't forget that our mission is reconnaissance, not interference.

[[At the MUTEX control panel, Pi adds his two cents.]]
Pi: Believe it or not, the data you collected from that universe was very useful. Nick's algorithms were able to narrow down the search field considerably.

Patty: [Smug] That might just be worth dressing up in those ridiculous outfits.
[[Chris leans forward, putting a hand on Patty's shoulder while inserting herself in between Patty and Trish.]]
Chris: [Wryly] Are you sure you didn't see anything ELSE worth the charge of admission...?
[[Trish blushes.]]

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