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[[Sharon starts walking out of the MUTEX chamber and speaks over her shoulder as she exits.]]
Sharon: After that little adventure, I say we deserve a break. Pi, queue up the next set of coordinates. We'll resume the search in fifteen minutes.
Pi: Acknowledged.

[[Chris, Trish, and Patty stand around for a bit, finally starting to relax. All three sport broad smiles.]]
Chris: So that was GPF Software's home town? It seemed nice... what little I saw of it that wasn't destroyed.
Patty: When we get back to the REAL Earth, we'll show you around some day.

[[Chris starts heading toward the door.]]
Chris: I'm a bit jealous I didn't get any superpowers, but there's always next time. You girls want to grab a quick snack?
Trish: [Enthusiastically] S-sure!
Patty: [Flatly] Actually...

[[Patty folds her arms across her chest.]]
Patty: You go ahead. Trish and I are going to have a little chat.
[[Both Chris and Trish seem mildly surprised and a bit apprehensive.]]

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