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[[Patty and Trish continue their discussion about them both dating Dexter.]]
Patty: [Skeptically] I can't believe you're actually advocating a war for Dexter's affections...
Trish: D-don't th-think of it as a w-war! I-it's a f-friendly r-rivalry!

Patty: [Mildly surprised] You know, you are absolutely NOTHING like that "Negaverse" version of you I first met...
Trish: [Beaming] I-I'll t-take that as a c-compliment.

Patty: [Uncertain] this has every potential to go south. It might not end well for any of us...
Trish: M-maybe, m-maybe not. B-but I p-promise to m-make th-things interesting for all of us.

[[Patty extends her hand, which Trish takes and firmly shakes.]]
Patty: [With a determined smirk] Then may the best girl win.
Trish: [Enthusiastically] G-good l-luck!

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