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[[After concluding their discussion about their "friendly rivalry" over Dexter's affections, Patty and Trish exit the MUTEX chamber, only to run into Dexter out in the hall.]]
Dexter: [Cringing at seeing the two women together] Hey, Trish! Oh, um, hi, Patty...
[[Patty gives Trish an uncertain look.]]
Trish: [Whispering to Patty while placing her hand on her shoulder] G-go on...

Patty: [Sheepishly to Dexter] Dex, I wanted to apologize for how I acted on our last mission together. I was irritated with you, but it was entirely my fault. I'm sorry.
Dexter: [Brightening] I was worried, but it's OK.

[[Trish leans down to speak directly to Patty, ignoring Dexter.]]
Trish: M-maybe a-after today's m-mission set, w-we c-can get together for l-lunch and you can t-tell m-me about th-that "B-Bog of B-Bloodbath" thing you m-mentioned.
Patty: [Hesitantly] Heh, OK...

[[Dexter watches as the two women walk off down the hall together in good spirits. He turns to the reader with an apprehensive look.]]
Dexter: Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about all this...?

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