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[[Nick, Ki, Sharon, and Fooker walk abreast down a hallway on the Grey ship. Nick is perusing a data tablet, while Ki places a hand on her belly. She is just starting to "show" her pregnancy.]]
Nick: Our last several missions have really narrowed down the search field. There's only a few billion possibilities to sort through now...
Sharon: [Sarcastically] That's a relief.

Ki: Sarcasm aside, that's significant progress from the infinite possibilities we were facing before.
Sharon: [Capitulating] I know. I just wish we had more to show for our efforts.

Ki: [Sadly] I wish I could be doing more to help. I'm getting tired of sitting on the sidelines.
Fooker: Don't sweat it Ki-ster. You've got the most important job of all of us.

Fooker: That bun in your oven is gonna lead the next generation to finding Earth after the rest of us are all dead and space dust.
[[The others shoot Fooker an icy glare.]]
Nick: Thanks for the vote of confidence, Fooker.

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