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[[Nick, Ki, Fooker, and Sharon arrive outside the MUTEX chamber, where they are greeted by Planck.]]
Planck: Fred and Pi have cued up today's mission set. All indicators are go.
Nick: Excellent. We'll be today's first team, plus Johnson. We'll set off in five minutes.

Ki: [To Nick] Well, if I can't join you, at least I can watch on the monitor. I'll be waiting right here until you get back.
Planck: Um, about that...

Planck: [Apologetically] We've done some analysis on the radiation output of the MUTEX. Give your current... condition, it might be safer if you stay out of the MUTEX chamber from now on.
[[Ki's face falls.]]

Nick: [Annoyed] The MUTEX doesn't give off radiation like that.
Planck: [Sheepishly] Maybe it didn't before you plugged it into the our reactor core. Now the galley has six dozen fleezle eggs poached in their shells.

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