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[[After hearing the news that it isn't recommended that she stay in the MUTEX chamber due to her pregnancy, Ki is disappointed.]]
Ki: I guess I won't be waiting here after all.
Planck: I can patch a feed from the monitor into the ship-wide holovid system if you want.
Nick: Thanks, Planck.

Sharon: [Helpfully] It's OK, Ki. You stay safe, and we'll have lunch when we get back.
Fooker: [Giving Ki a thumbs-up] We promise to return your hubby in one piece.
Ki: [Smiling] You'd better.

[[Nick leans down to give Ki a quick kiss.]]
Nick: We need to finish that discussion from last night. Shall we pick it back up at dinner?
Ki: Only if you promise not to throw out "Todd" as an option.

[[As Nick, Fooker, and Sharon walk out of frame and into the MUTEX chamber, Ki silently waves goodbye. A sad, disappointed look crosses her face.]]

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