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[[It is some time later. Ki has made her way from the MUTEX chamber down to the ship's mess hall, where she sits alone at a table. Multiple humans and Greys buzz around her, seemingly oblivious to her. For her part, Ki is engrossed in the data table in front of her. A tray of "food cubes" sits next to her, untouched. At the far end of the table, Persephone, slithers into view, slowly oozing her way in Ki's direction.]]

[[Persephone approaches Ki.]]
Persephone: Hi, Ki! You seem engrossed in something...
Ki: [Distractedly] Oh, hi, Persephone. Nick's off on a search mission. I'm watching the monitor feed.

Persephone: I thought you liked being in the MUTEX chamber while he's on a mission...
Ki: I did, but I can't anymore. So I thought I'd come down here and grab a bite to eat.

[[Persephone eyes the plate of untouched food.]]
Persephone: But... you haven't eaten anything...
Ki: [Looking at the plate with an annoyed look] For some reason, seeing my husband turned into an inside-out jellyfish doesn't help my appetite...

References: "Food cubes"
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