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[[As Ki continues to watch the MUTEX feed on her tablet, Doctor Granger approaches, carrying a tray laden with "food cubes".]]
Granger: [Smiling] Hello, Ki! How's our mom-to-be this morning?
Ki: [Not looking up] Hi, Dr. Granger. I'm... OK, I guess.

[[Granger sets down her tray.]]
Granger: You know, at this point, there's probably no need to be so formal. You can call me Melanie if you want. I can understand if you...
[[Granger spots Persephone out of the corner of her eye.]]
Granger: OH.

Persephone: [Unfazed by Granger's reaction to her] Hello, Dr. Granger. I'm Persephone. I don't think we've formally met.
Granger: [Surprised by Persephone's politeness] Um, no, we haven't. I haven't really talked to one of... your kind... before...

Persephone: I understand if I make you uncomfortable, but I promise I wasn't one of the Physarics who enslaved any humans. I'm one of the nice ones!
Granger: [Awkwardly] That's... good to know...
[[Ki continues to watch the tablet, oblivious to their conversation.]]

References: Dr. Granger; Granger's checkered history with Physarics: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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