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[[Persephone and Doctor Granger have apparently continued their conversation from the previous strip, as Persephone seems to be wrapping up an explanation of how she and Fred are different from the Physarics Granger encountered as a "puppet".]]
Granger: [Mildly surprised] So you and... Fred? You didn't even know you WERE Physarics until the invasion?
Persephone: Trust me, it was as much a surprise to us as it was to you!

Granger: [With an apologetic smile] I guess it says something if the Greys have no problem with you being here. I'm sorry if I've misjudged you...
Persephone: It's OK. I know humans often distrust what they don't understand.

Granger: I guess you and "Nick's inner circle" go way back, then...
Persephone: Oh, we've known each other for years! Isn't that right, Ki?

[[They both turn to look at Ki, who remains fixated on the data tablet she's been watching for the past several strips. She's barely moved, and she still has a sad, disappointed look on her face.]]

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