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[[Doctor Granger turns her attention back to Ki.]]
Granger: Ki? Is everything all right...?
Ki: [Distracted] What? Sorry? Were you talking to me...?

Granger: [With s sly smile] Whatever you're watching on that tablet, it must be really engaging...
Persephone: She's watching Nick on his current "away mission".
[[Ki turns to Persephone as she speaks.]]

[[Our view zooms in to focus on just Granger and Persephone.]]
Granger: I wouldn't worry about him. I'm sure he'll be fine. He's always seemed very capable to me.
Persephone: Oh, Nick's the smartest human I know! No offense, of course...

Granger: None taken. He and your friends are very brave. I'm not sure I could handle hopping from one universe to another!
Persephone: [Drooping her "head" in disappointment] I wish I could. It looks like fun!
[[Behind them, Ki has gone back to looking at the tablet.]]

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