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[[Doctor Granger finally manages to rope Ki into the conversation.]]
Granger: You're... not just worried about Nick, are you?
Ki: [Still somewhat distracted] No... I mean, yes, I AM worried about him. I'm worried about ALL of them, but...

Ki: [Annoyed] I feel so... USELESS. Here I am, sitting on my butt, while they're off saving the world. I should be WITH them, sharing the danger, not warming the bench.

Granger: [Sympathetically] I'm guessing cross-dimensional travel is hazardous to a developing fetus...?
Ki: We have no idea, but I don't exactly want to volunteer to find out.

Granger: [Smiling] I understand. And I can't exactly look up the Surgeon General's advice on the matter, either.
Ki: If there's a precedent, I think we're setting it.

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