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[[Ki, Persephone, and Doctor Granger continue their discussion about Ki's frustration at being unable to help out due to her pregnancy.]]
Ki: Is it... WRONG for me to be mad at my unborn child for being such an inconvenience...?
Granger: I'd call it frustration, but it's not wrong. It's perfectly normal.

Granger: This is a huge change for you, and as the mother, you bare the brunt of it, especially at the beginning. Your entire life is about to change, and your old life isn't coming back.

Granger: Add on top of that the pressure of leading a group of explorers to find a missing planet, I'm amazed you and Nick are as calm and collected as you are.

Ki: Trust me, neither of us are "calm and collected". "Thinly veiled panic" would be more accurate.
Persephone: Well, you both hide it well.
[[Granger smiles in agreement.]]

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