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[[Ki, Persephone, and Doctor Granger continue their discussion about Ki's frustrations surrounding her pregnancy.]]
Ki: I can't help but feel like everyone's mad at me, like I got pregnant on purpose to avoid doing my part.
Granger: That's the hormones talking again. No one thinks that.

Granger: Besides, I think your situation is a valuable and much needed reminder of everything we've lost, and why it's so important to find the Earth again.
Ki: I... don't follow you...

Granger: You're a living embodiment that life goes on. Even if we never find the Earth, the human race is continuing, here and now. We can't give up, because life doesn't give up.

Persephone: [To Granger] If that's the case, maybe we can find YOU an eligible bachelor so you can contribute too...
Granger: [Grumbling] Good luck on that. I gave up a long time ago...

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