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[[Persephone has just suggested to Doctor Granger that she find herself an eligible bachelor so she can "contribute" to rebuilding the human race. Granger did not seem thrilled with the idea.]]
Ki: So there's no one back home you were planning on setting up a practice with...?
Granger: No. Maybe I thought so back in med school, but once I started residency... sigh...

Granger: I put my career first, and I guess in THAT I'm a success. Youngest hospital director in the state. But my social life is non-existent. I'm afraid I missed my opportunity at a family life.
[[Ki and Persephone look at each other sympathetically.]]

Persephone: I was pretty lucky to find my man. Fred can have a bit of an ego at times, but he's actually very sweet and caring. I'm so blessed to have found him when I did.

Ki: Persephone, you split off of Fred via mitosis. I don't even know HOW your relationship works.
Persephone: [Lowering her "head"] I know. I just felt like I had to contribute SOMETHING to the conversation...
[[Granger seems confused by the exchange.]]

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