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[[After hearing that Doctor Granger has sacrificed a family life to pursue her career, Ki and Persephone try to be helpful...]]
Ki: Maybe there's a guy HERE you can take an interest in...
Persephone: Fooker's brother isn't married! I hear some human girls find him cute...
Granger: [Annoyed] No, thank you...

Granger: [Perking up] Don't worry about me. It's enough just keeping up with a hundred patients while learning how to use the Greys' instruments. I'll get there when I get there.

Granger: [Turning to Ki] As for YOU, don't let anyone give you any grief over you "not contributing". You're a role model and leader to all of us. Everyone looks up to you. That's more than enough.
[[Ki is surprised by Granger's statement.]]

Ki: I-I'm no leader, and I'm certainly not a role model...
Persephone: Sure you are! Don't tell Sharon, but I'd rather aspire to be you than her. She's too temperamental.

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