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[[Ki doesn't seem to agree with Doctor Granger calling her a "role model" for the human survivors.]]
Ki: [Annoyed] I might grant you that Nick's in charge, not that he wants to be. But I'm no leader. Clearly, Fooker does more to "inspire the troops" than I have.

Granger: [Unfazed and smiling] You're thinking too linearly. Yes, Fooker certainly has a regimented, military discipline, as does his brother. But like any org chart, ours branches out from the top.

Granger: Nick's the brains, Fooker the strength. Dexter, Sharon, and Trish keep things fun. For all their pessimism, Trudy and Patty keep us focused. EVERYONE has a part to play.

Ki: [Unconvinced] And what part do I play? Ballast?
Granger: Personally, I think you play the most important part of all. You're the HEART.

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