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[[Doctor Granger has just complimented Ki, calling her "the heart" of the team searching for the missing Earth. Ki isn't convinced.]]
Ki: If you think I'm "the heart" of this operation, that just shows how little you know about the "inner circle"...
Persephone: I'd beg to disagree...

[[Granger listens attentively as Persephone speaks.]]
Persephone: Just look at everything we've been through over the years. You've NEVER given up on Nick, even when GPF disbanded, or when he was trapped in the "Negaverse".

Persephone: Even when he was here on the Grey ship without his memories, it was YOU who brought him back. If YOU hadn't done that, Earth would have been destroyed!
[[Ki's expression softens as she listens to Persephone's argument.]]

Granger: [Smiling] Behind every great man, there's usually an even greater woman.
Persephone: Even better if they stand side by side, sharing everything... like you and Nick!
[[Ki seems genuinely touched by the sentiment.]]

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