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[[Persephone continues to build up and encourage Ki.]]
Persephone: You know, Dwayne may have founded GPF as a company, but it wouldn't be what it's become without you and Nick at the heart of everything.

Persephone: Whether it's beating a crushing deadline or literally saving the world, you two have always been at the center of it. It's as if this universe REVOLVES around you two.

[[Persephone slithers up next to Ki and wraps two pseudopods around her arm in a squishy hug.]]
Persephone: The rest of us are just supporting characters in YOUR play, and I'm honored to play even a tiny part of it, and to call you my friend.

[[Ki can't help but smile.]]
Ki: I... I don't know what to say...
Granger: [Smiling] Just graciously accept the compliments. That usually works out best for everyone.

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