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[[Persephone and Doctor Granger has just spent a considerable amount of time cheering up Ki.]]
Persephone: So are you feeling better now...?
Ki: Yes. Thank you, Persephone. You too, Dr. Granger.

[[Granger rises to her feet and picks up her food tray.]]
Granger: Happy to be of service. I hate to encourage and run, but I have a couple dozen physicals to run through. If you'll excuse me...
Ki: No problem.

Granger: Which reminds me... we need to schedule you an appointment to check on your little passenger...
Ki: I'll contact Avogadro this afternoon, I promise.

[[Granger begins to walk away.]]
Granger: Great! It was nice meeting you, Persephone.
Persephone: [Waving a pseudopod] You too, Melanie! Feel free to drop by the waste recycling facility any time for a visit!

References: Avogadro
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