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[[After Doctor Granger leaves the table, Persephone turns back to Ki.]]
Persephone: I should probably be heading off as well. Socrates, Planck, and I are holding a Grey-Physaric round-table this afternoon.
Ki: [Raising her eyebrows] Oh, really...

Persephone: Just to build you up further, but not only did you help Nick save Earth, you helped end an interstellar war that's been raging for centuries. Add THAT to your resume.

Persephone: And don't try to tell me that was all Nick. If you hadn't brought his memories back, NONE of us would be here now. You two were always a team, even from the beginning.

[[Ki leans down and hugs Persephone tightly.]]
Ki: Thank you, Persephone. You always say the nicest things.
Persephone: I know. SOMEONE has to make up for Fred's acerbic sarcasm...

References: The Grey/Physaric War: "Raging for centuries", how it all began, the cease-fire and peace talks
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