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[[Ki returns to the MUTEX chamber just as the "away team" steps out into the hallway, returning from their search through multiple universes.]]
Ki: [Smiling] Any luck?
Nick: Not really. The first dozen were a total bust, but that last one...

Sharon: [Perplexed] Things were looking really promising up until we found out they were making new "Star Wars" films. At that point, reality was just thrown out the window.

Johnson: [Annoyed] I can't believe those people created such an obviously brainless, ineffectual villain...
Fooker: [Angrily] And he's so whiny, emo, and annoying...

Ki: [Shocked] Who the heck is the villain...?
Nick: Darth Jar Jar. "Maxie big, da Dark side o' da force is. Meesa gonna Force lightnin' yousa guys, muyie, muyie!"

References: This... isn't the original version of this comic. I initially wrote something else entirely and it made it all the way to the update queue, but I eventually felt that the joke might be too controversial and decided to change it. GPF Premium subscribers can find a link to the original version of this comic in the Author's Notes.
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