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[[Nick and Ki walk down a corridor on the Grey ship, arm in arm, continuing their conversation. Ki has just told Nick about how Persephone and Doctor Granger encouraged her, and how important she is to the search effort.]]
Nick: They're right, you know. I couldn't do half of what I've had to do if I didn't have you by my side, helping me.
Ki: I try, but I haven't contributed that much.

Nick: [Sheepishly] Yes, you have. Ever since we started the search for Earth, everyone's been looking to me for answers, and I don't really have any. I feel like a total fraud.
[[Ki's expression turns sympathetic.]]

[[They enter a dark room which appears to be an observation lounge with a large window looking outside the ship.]]
Nick: But every morning I wake up with you beside me, and I feel like I can take on the entire multiverse. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday we'll crack this.
[[Ki smiles.]]

[[They walk up to the window and look out upon the surface of Earth's former Moon, around which the the ship is currently orbiting.]]
Nick: I can do anything, so long as I have you.
Ki: Good, 'cause I'm not going anywhere.
[[Ki places her head on Nick's shoulder and the two nestle into a loving embrace.]]
[[This strip is also labeled as GPF's 20th anniversary strip.]]

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