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[[Nick lies on his back in the floor, the entire top half of his body inside the base of the Velociraptor tower. He holds a wrench in one hand and various tools are scattered at his feet. Standing next to him is a Grey drone; we only see him from the thighs down.]]
Nick: Everything seems to check out here. This maintenance check is going well so far. How are things on your end, Pi?
Pi: Well...

[[Nick crawls out of the device and sits up as Pi peruses a data tablet.]]
Pi: I'm seeing a build up of charged quasitrons in the plastisoteric manifold. It might be nothing, but...
Nick: [Curiously] "Quasitrons"?

Pi: You might not be aware of those yet. They're the fundamental force particle of hyperspace quasilasticity.
Nick: [Mildly disappointed] No, can't say it rings a bell...

Pi: [Lecturing] Quasitrons are generally made of equal parts zorkions and blarthions, although anti-zorkions...
Nick: [Thinking to himself, mildly annoyed] Why do I feel like I just walked into an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"...?

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