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[[Nick and Pi are in the middle of performing maintenance on Velociraptor and the MUTEX, and have paused to discuss a strange build up of "quasitrons" in the system.]]
Nick: We might be getting into realms of physics humans haven't discovered yet...
Pi: Not surprising. You're delving into things WE haven't completely figured out yet.

Nick: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "hyperspace quasilasticity"...
Pi: It's one of the six fundamental forces of nature.

Nick: Six? I thought there were only four...
Pi: No, there's gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, hyperspace quasilasticity, and splork.

Nick: [Surprised] "Splork"?
Pi: [Annoyed] Yeah, that one's a bit controversial. It's kind of the bucket we throw everything into that we can't explain just yet.

References: The four fundamental forces of nature (at least as humans understand them)
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