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[[Nick and Pi continue their discussion about maintenance to MUTEX and Velociraptor.]]
Pi: [Checking his data tablet] Typically, a build up of quasitrons indicates a hyper-elastic flux. A simple purge should be sufficient, but we'll need to be exhaustive to make sure we get them all.

Nick: [Thinking] How long will that take?
Pi: Maybe a quarter million ganadans?
Nick: So about an hour, then.

Nick: OK, you get started on that purge. We'll need to run a couple tests after it's done to make sure the system is safe to use again.
Pi: Understood.

[[The two begin to walk off in opposite directions.]]
Pi: Do we need to draft a volunteer for the test?
Nick: No, I'll do it. No need to put anyone else at risk. Besides, what's the worst that could happen...?

References: Grey-to-human time conversions: Original source, additional units of measurement
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