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[[The scene changes. We find Ki, Fooker, and Sharon seated at a table in the "mess hall". Fooker and Sharon are seated opposite from Ki, whose back is toward the reader.]]
Sharon: [Smiling] You'll never guess who I saw having an intimate conversation in the observation lounge the other day...
Ki: [Not looking up form her meal] Gabrielle and Johnson?

Sharon: [Disappointed] How did you know?
Ki: [Gesturing with a fork] I saw them sneak into the xenobotany lab yesterday. They didn't come out for an hour.

Sharon: [With s sly smile] Sounds like some of our singletons are starting to pair up...
Fooker: I'm just glad to hear Johnson's letting his hair down, metaphorically at least. Boy's a bit too... [He sees something over Ki's head, which makes him pause.] Hrm...

[[Our view shifts as Ki turns to look behind her at whatever Fooker has seen. Trudy tentatively approaches the table.]]
Trudy: [With a nervous smile] Is... this seat taken...?

References: Gabrielle and Johnson; The xenobotany lab (otherwise informally known as the aboard-ship human make-out spot...?)
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