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[[Trudy stands somewhat nervously next to the table in the mess hall where Fooker, Sharon, and Ki are already seated.]]
Sharon: [Smiling] Trudy! You're finally feeling better?
Trudy: [Returning the smile] Yes. Dr. Granger gave me a clean bill of health.

[[Trudy sets down her tray next to Ki.]]
Fooker: [Snidely] That'll teach you to step out for a breath of fresh air...
Trudy: [Not amused] Well, my "space walk" wasn't exactly premeditated. I'm done with heroics for a while.

[[Trudy sits.]]
Ki: On that note, I... I guess I ought to thank you for saving Nick...
Trudy: [Smiling] Don't mention it. Despite all our past squabbles, I'd hate to see your child grow up without a father.

[[Sharon grins from ear to ear, drawing the attention from the others.]]
Fooker: What are you grinning about?
Sharon: Oh, nothing. I'm just giddy seeing the three of you actually getting along for a change!

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