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[[Pi has led Ki, Fooker, Sharon, and Trudy back to the MUTEX chamber. He begins manipulating the controls, trying to provoke a response from the device as he explains.]]
Pi: During our maintenance check, we found a build-up of quasitron particles which we thought we had purged. Nick ran a quick test to verify everything was working as expected.

Ki: [Skeptically] And that's when he vanished? What EXACTLY do you mean by "he's gone"?
Pi: I... can't find a trace of him. The MUTEX has completely lost its lock on his location.

Pi: [Gesturing to a stack of MUTEX helmets on a table behind him] The helmets keep track of where the user is at all times. When we lost contact with the team during the D.C. Smythe incident, I re-established contact once we restored power.

Pi: This time, however, the power's fine. I suspect the quasitrons are interfering with the signal lock. I know which universe he's in, just not when and where within it.
[[The humans all turn to look at each other with varied looks of shock and uncertainty.]]

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