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[[Ki, Sharon, Fooker, and Trudy continue their questioning of Pi, who is trying to explain what has happened to Nick.]]
Sharon: [Confused] Wait... what do you mean by not knowing "when or where" Nick is...?
Pi: Quasitrons are native to hyperspace. Their exact nature in real space is somewhat... dynamic.

Pi: The MUTEX sent Nick to the targeted test universe, but he could be anywhere--or any TIME--within it. Past, future... at this point, it's anyone's guess.

Ki: [Irritated] Critical question: can you get him back?
Pi: [Apologetically] I... don't know. Right now, I don't know even where to start. I need to establish a baseline, a link to search for his latent signal.

Fooker: [Suspiciously] Which means...?
Pi: [Grimly] Someone's going to have to go in after him.

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