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[[The group continues their discussion on how to potentially rescue Nick, who is currently lost somewhere in time and space in another universe due to a MUTEX accident. Pi has just told them someone will have to go in after Nick in order to find him.]]
Ki: Is the MUTEX safe enough to send someone after Nick?
Pi: That's another unknown. We THOUGHT we had purged all of the quasitrons before. I ran another sweep, but... well...

Fooker: Then it's a risk no matter what. I'll go. We'll find him in no time.
Sharon: [Angrily] Oh, no you don't. What if you don't come back? We can't lose both you AND Nick!

Ki: I'm with Sharon on this one, Fooker. You're effectively our second-in-command. We can't risk you. And as much as I want to go, I CAN'T. We need another volunteer.

Trudy: I'll go. I'm not critical, and no one's going to miss me if I don't come back. Besides, I still have debts to repay. Maybe I'm not done with the heroics after all...
[[Fooker is curious about Trudy's volunteering, while Sharon is in mild shock.]]

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