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[[As the group continues to discuss how to rescue Nick, Sharon isn't happy with Trudy's volunteering for a possible "suicide" mission.]]
Sharon: What do you mean, no one will miss you? I will! You're my big sister!
Trudy: [Smiling] And you did just fine without me before you knew that fact.

Trudy: [Turning back to Pi] What do I need to do?
Pi: Hopefully nothing. I'll use your signal to try and boost Nick's. Once I have a lock, I should be able to pull you both back.

Ki: [Skeptically] And if you can't...?
Pi: That's a risk. I could lose your signal, just like I lost his. In that case... I guess sit tight. We'll think of something.
Trudy: [Grimly] How comforting.

[[As Trudy steps over and lifts a MUTEX helmet, Sharon looks concerned.]]
Ki: Be careful, Trudy. Don't take any unnecessary risks.
Trudy: [With a uncertain smile] I'll try not to. Not sure if I'll have much of a choice about it, though...

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