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[[Trudy has volunteered to follow Nick through the MUTEX in an attempt for Pi to find him and rescue him. She stands in the foreground wearing a MUTEX helmet while Pi manipulates the controls. Behind him, Ki, Sharon, and Fooker watch expectantly.]]
Trudy: I'm ready.
Pi: Initiating sequence...

[[The MUTEX's characteristic <<ZWORM>> sound is heard. In a double-wide panel, Trudy finds herself standing ankle-deep in snow at the edge of a cliff overlooking icy mountains below and in the background. Behind her, the rock face extends upward and an ice cave delves deep into the mountain. A savage wind blows, driving a blizzard of snow.]]
Trudy: [Cringing as she thinks to herself] THIS is where Nick landed? This isn't promising. He might freeze to death if I don't find him fast!

[[The wind howls, forcing Trudy to shudder. She wraps her arms around herself, wincing against the cold.]]
Trudy: Then again, I'm not exactly dressed for the weather myself...

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