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[[Hoping to find Nick, or at least provide Pi with a "link" to pull him back, Trudy has entered the MUTEX and landed in a howling blizzard on an icy mountainside on some parallel Earth.]]
Trudy: [Thinking to herself] I have to find Nick before we BOTH freeze! [Shouting out loud] NICK!

[[In the distance, shrouded by blowing snow, a shadowy silhouette appears on the mountain path.]]
Voice: [Faintly] Hello?
Trudy: [Excitedly] Nick! It's me, Trudy!

[[The figure approaches. However, we look over his shoulder toward Trudy, ensuring that his face isn't visible.]]
Nick: Trudy? How did you get out here? WHY are you here?
Trudy: I came to take you back! I'm here to rescue you!

[[We finally see the approaching figure full-on. It IS Nick, but his hair is much longer and he now sports a full beard and mustache. He is wearing thick furs and animal skins, and appears to be carrying a makeshift spear. His face bears a mixture of emotions, none of which appear to be happy.]]
Nick: It's... it's been five years...

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