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[[Trudy has found Nick, who now claims to be five years older than when he left. Nick has removed his animal hide cloak and given it to Trudy to keep her warm as he leads her to a nearby ice cave. The wind and snow continues to howl around them.]]
Nick: Hurry. We have to reach shelter before you freeze to death.
Trudy: But Pi's going to pull us back any second!

[[As they enter the cave, Nick seems somewhat bitter.]]
Nick: That's what I thought five years ago. I've learned not to count unhatched chickens.
Trudy: [Annoyed] Well, I've only been here a couple minutes. I'll be optimistic for both of us.

[[As they progress further into the cave, a light ahead of them begins to cast heavy shadows.]]
Nick: [Grimly] Some of us have been here a lot longer than that.
Trudy: "Us"? Slipping into the royal we?
Voice: [Off-panel] Not entirely...

[[Trudy turns to search for the source of the voice. To her surprise, she finds two more "copies" of Nick, both older than the one standing next to her, sitting close to a small fire. Both sport long beards and wear animal skins. The younger one's hair has started to turn gray, while the older one has gone bald on top.]]
Older Nick: He means us. I've been here for ten years...
Oldest Nick: And I'm going on twenty. Nice to see you again, Trudy...

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