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[[Trudy looks uncertainly back and forth between the three different versions of Nick.]]
Trudy: H-how...?
Youngest Nick: We're... not entirely sure.
Older Nick: However, we've certainly been here long enough to come up with a few theories.

Older Nick: We suspect the "quasitrons" Pi found fractured our signal when we materialized.
Oldest Nick: As such, copies of us were scattered across the globe, and through time.

Youngest Nick: [With a touch of sadness] The oldest of us has run into a good dozen of us over the years. Some... didn't make it.
Oldest Nick: [Grimly] Odds are more of us were flung far into the future too. Doubt we'll live to see them, however...

Trudy: [Still baffled] B-but... HOW?
Youngest Nick: [Sheepishly] I know. It violates the law of conservation of mass and energy. that's what I get for inventing a free-energy device...

References: Law of conservation of mass (and energy); "Free-energy device": (1) (2) (3)
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