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[[Trudy looks at the three different versions of Nick and grows more determined.]]
Trudy: Well, who cares HOW it happened. I'm here to take you back... ALL of you.
Youngest Nick: [Apologetically] Um, Trudy... you CAN'T.

Trudy: What do you mean I can't?
Older Nick: We mean Pi failed to purge the quasitrons again. You're stuck here, just like we are.

Trudy: [Scowling] Don't be ridiculous! I just GOT here!
[[A shadowy figure walks in from the cold outside, stepping up behind her.]]
Unknown: And I got here three years ago. Took them forever to convince me too.

[[Trudy turns to come face-to-face with another version of herself. Like the three Nicks, she is a big haggard in appearance, with her hair sloppily pulled back and not as fixed and poofy as usual. She wears animal skins and carries a makeshift spear, just like Youngest Nick did when she first found him. Needless to say, Trudy is shocked by her appearance.]]
Other Trudy: Face it, Trudy. THIS is your life now. Might as well make the most of it.

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