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[[Back in the "prime" universe, the MUTEX chamber is in a state of mild panic as the group comes to the same realization Trudy has just made. Pi frantically manipulates the controls as Ki, Sharon, and Fooker react with surprise.]]
Sharon: What do you MEAN you lost her too?!?
Pi: I mean exactly what I said! Her signal scattered, just like Nick's! I can't get a lock on either of them!

Ki: Sharon, calm down. Panicking isn't going to help things. Pi, are you sure you got all those quasi-whatsits?
Pi: Apparently not. I need to make another sweep to be sure.

Fooker: [Grimly] Then be as thorough as Grey-ly possible. We might not have another chance at this.
Sharon: [Balking] Wait, you're not suggesting we send someone ELSE after them, are you?

Ki: [Looking at Velociraptor worriedly] What other choice do we have? Without Nick, we're entirely dead in the water. Either we get him back, or we'll never see Earth again.

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