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[[A narration box reads "Hours pass..." As several Greys buzz about in the background, checking equipment, Pi peruses a data tablet in the foreground.]]
Pi: There. We've quadruple checked. The entire system is free of quasitrons, and we've added a filter to prevent any future build-ups.

[[He turns to face the assembled humans, who now include Dexter, Trish, and Patty in addition to the original Fooker, Ki, and Sharon.]]
Pi: However, just to be safe, we need to minimize the number of variables. We should transfer the least amount of mass possible if we want to improve our chances.

Pi: Greys are smaller than humans, but our synapses are incompatible with the MUTEX. Same goes for Physarics. Ki is the smallest human, but we obviously can't send her.
[[Ki seems grim as Sharon gives her a worried look.]]

[[Our view switches back to the humans.]]
Patty: [Sarcastically] And that's why I got drafted for this crazy mission...?
Fooker: [Leaning down to mock-whisper] I'd say you drew the short straw, shrimp girl, but that would be rather low, even for me...
[[Ki and Sharon both give him a dirty look.]]

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