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[[Patty reluctantly "volunteers" to follow Nick and Trudy into the universe where they are currently lost. As she approaches the table holding the MUTEX helmets, Pi has a few additional instructions.]]
Patty: So you're absolutely certain this thing is safe now...?
Pi: More like 85%. If I understood how this think works, I might give it better odds.

Patty: [Narrowing her eyes] That makes me about 15% less comfortable...
Pi: If it helps, you shouldn't need to do anything once you get there. Just sit tight while I piggyback off your signal.

[[Patty picks up a helmet as Ki steps forward with her own comments.]]
Ki: If you DO see Nick or Trudy, though, let us know immediately... assuming the comm link works, that is...
Patty: Stay put but keep my eyes and ears open. Got it.

[[Off to the side, Trish and Dexter try to encourage her. Dex flashes her a quick thumbs-up.]]
Trish: G-good l-luck, Patty!
Patty: You better hope I'm successful. Otherwise, you're probably the next "volunteer"...

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