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[[Patty materializes in the target universe accompanied by the MUTEX's characteristic <<ZWORM>> sound. She is dressed in ordinary street clothes. As she begins looking around, someone on the other end of the comm line speaks through her ear piece.]]
Voice: Patty, can you read us?
Patty: Loud and clear. I'm human, at least, and this place looks normal enough...

[[Patty begins looking around.]]
Patty: It's a city street. Looks relatively contemporary, nothing seems out of the ordinary...
[[She looks the opposite direction and does a double-take.]]
Patty: What the--?!

[[We look over her shoulder at the street in front of her. It indeed looks like a modern, contemporary city street. Numerous people walk about doing various tasks. A pair of police officers patrol the other side, where a couple argues nearby. A pair of maintenance workers work in an open manhole in the middle of the street. Several other people walk by, while posters and signs in the background advertise a used car dealership and the re-election campaign of a local politician. One thing immediately stands out, however. Every single man in the scene looks like some variation of Nick, while every woman looks like Trudy. Their hair colors and ages may be different, and the various Nicks sport different styles of facial hair, but everyone, including the faces in the ads, are one of the two.]]
Patty: [Surprised] Scratch that... DEFINITELY not ordinary...

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