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[[Having arrived on a strange parallel Earth seemingly inhabited by endless copies of either Nick or Trudy, Patty seeks to find the "real" pair. She walks up to one of the Nicks. His hair is lighter than "our" Nick's and he sports a pencil-thin mustache.]]
Patty: [Tentatively] Nick? Is that... you?
"Nick": [Hesitantly] I'm sorry... do I know you?

Patty: [Disappointed] Nick, it's me, Patty. Don't you recognize me...?
"Nick": I'm afraid not. My name's Thomas. But my great-grandfather's name was Nicholas. You see...

[[Another person approaches, interrupting. We cannot see her face yet, as we are looking over her shoulder. Both "Thomas" and Patty seem surprised.]]
New Arrival: Thomas Eugene Trueheart! I can't leave you alone for one minute!
"Thomas": G-Gertie? Fear not, my love. I was just trying to help this girl out...

[[We finally get a good look at "Gertie", who looks like a copy of Trudy, only with slightly darker hair and VERY pregnant. She shakes her fist menacingly.]]
"Gertie": I'll BET you were, you good-for-nothing lout! Step away from that foreign hussy this instant!
"Thomas": [Hen-pecked] Yes, dear...

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